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The 20th of May: CIEE Formal

Final dinner

There are many important dates in a calendar. Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Easter...All of these are important to students because it means one thing: no lectures, no school, no assignments to be handed in. It is bliss for a student.

South Africa has had a flurry of public holidays that have been a blessing to any overworked student. It has allowed many of us to catch up on work, assignment and the rest of life in general. Truly, the person that created the concept of public holidays needs to be given a Nobel Prize or something to that equivalent.

Besides that, there are other important days, like birthdays. To this list should be added the Cape Town CIEE Formal Dinner. Hosted and organised by the RA's in the Cape Town program, this event promises to be one of the most exciting nights in Cape Town for the students currently on the study abroad program.

It is a night geared to do one thing: re-capitulate on the events of the past five months, share memories, good food, good music and to just relax and be in each other's company.

The 20th May, I am sure, will become one of those nights that will live long in the memory of students in the CIEE program.

I can hardly wait. 


By Remy Ngamije


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