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It's Gonna be !Xim

CIEE Welcome Poster
The Fall Program of CIEE Cape Town kicked of on Tuesday, 12 July 2011, with the arrival of another group of students from the United States touching down in the Mother City. Exhausted from hours on long flights and stopovers, the relief of finally having reached their home for the next five months was palpable.

Hailing from a host of US universities, the Fall Program is hosting students from large universitiess and small private colleges alike: Penn State, Rutgers, Occidental College, Santa Clara, Vanderbilt and Bodwoin College to name but a few. After months of application procedures and administration, the students were eager to start their semester abroad. As usual, CIEE was on hand to make sure that their stay in Cape Town got off to a truly exciting and adventurous start with a hike up Lion's Head, one of the city's more relaxing hikes. 

After hours spent on planes, the hike was an excellent way to expel jetlag and to take in the beauty of Cape Town. A rare sunny day in the middle of Winter seemed to bless the occassion and clear skies all around added to the panoramas that could be seen from the top of the Lion. A favourite haunt for hikers, the walk was crowded with old and young alike, all headed to the summit for the full moon viewing - another of Cape Town's must do's.

Slow and easy, the pace of the hike allowed the students to snap pictures of False Bay, Table Bay and Camps Bay at sunsets. Smiling faces and cameras combined in a tango of clicks and snaps that will have Facebook profile pages bristling with some very interesting pictures for friends and family to see. Introductions and conversations were had all around as students made new friends and acquainted themselves with the other students about to embark on their African journey in Cape Town.

The Resident Director, Quinton Redcliffe expressed his joy at seeing all of the students arrive safely and soundly, while the RA's helped to settle the students in their orientation venues quickly and efficiently. The rest of the week will be dedicated to informing the students about UCT and Cape Town life in general before they move to their respective houses, dormitories and homestays for the duration of the term.

With all of the students in Cape Town, the exchange trip can safely be said to be underway. From here on out, "it's gonna be !xim."


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