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3 posts from July 2013


Mandela day: More than 67 meaningful minutes

Mandela day has been held annually for the past 5 years in celebration of a living legend. He gave 67 years of his life in service to humanity and it was seen as a great tribute to this man for people across the world to spend 67 minutes of their day in the same spirit.

We decided to combine the forces of the different programmes at the Cape Town study centre and celebrate that spirit of service to humanity. We gathered students from our Summer, Service Learning and Arts & Sciences programmes and committed to spending more than 67 meaningful minutes.


DSC_2380 DSC_2394

Manenberg Primary is located in the Manenberg area of Cape Town. The school caters to 600 students across grades 1 - 7. The school has been looking to paint their walls and prepare them for mathematical games to be painted on so that there are games to be played outside the classroom that improve their math skills and supplement their learnings in class.

We decided to lend a helping hand and a paint roller to this noble plan. A number of students came out over the course of the cold day and helped to complete the painting. Despite the having to end a bit earlier than planned, we were able to cover a considerable amount of wall.

It was fantastic to be able to spend time with the children and teachers, have them join in the painting and make a visible impact at the school.




The Haven Shelter is a soup kitchen in the Greenpoint area of Cape Town. Greenpoint is an area that our students are usually exposed to through it's night life and restaurants but it is also in this town that The Haven operates. The shelter feeds and houses approximately 130 people daily.

We decided to treat our the people at the shelter to a traditional curry and rice. Evidence from the empty pots at the end of the night suggests that the meals were thoroughly enjoyed. It was also a great time for students to connect with he community and get a better understanding of their surroundings. An opportunity to enage with a different txperience that they can embrace and later use to educate others.


Check out for all the pictures

Update: In my quest to post this, I also dicovered this blog post by a student!


Mandela Day

Mandela Day A3 poster


Fall 2013 Orientation: Wamkelekile!

After much preparation and planning things finally kicked off with airport pickups on 2 July 2013.  The RAs sang traditional South African songs of welcome at the airport, melodically ushering our newest group of students onto African soil.
Orientation covered an array of topics: housing, safety and security, community engagement, cultural immersion and more - staff members came up and gave talks on all the topics - this was again facilitated by the ever capable RAs.
DSC_2812 DSC_2958 DSC_2983
A definite highlight was the AMA - zing race (sometimes mistaken for it's cousing the Amazing Race). Prizes varied from dinner at Africa Cafe to trips along the Garden Route, all of which was welcome! "If it's free, it's for me!"
In between all this there was still ample time to go exploring in the city and catch a sunset from Signal Hill!
The week ended off with dinner at the renowned Moyo's Restaurant at the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. It was a chance for face painting, great food, great music and a family celebration of the end of Orientation and the beginning of five unforgettable months.
Whilst on the dancefloor someone was quoted as saying "It's time like these I really wish I knew how to crump"...she has five months to learn that and more from this city!
DSC_3347 DSC_3333
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