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CIEE Students at Sarah Fox: Little Babies Break Hearts

Sarah Fox , which works directly with local children’s hospitals, cares for infants and children after they have suffered illnesses or abuse.  They commonly rehabilitate children recovering from TB, HIV, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, sexual abuse, and physical abuse.  *Vuyokazi was born earlier this year and was brought to Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Home by Red Cross Children’s Hospital soon after birth. During pregnancy, Vuyokazi’s mother abused alcohol and illegal substances in enormous amounts, putting the baby’s health in unimaginable danger.  Because both parents suffer from drug addictions, they were unable to raise and care for an infant properly; neither her mother nor father has been to visit Vuyokazi at Sarah Fox.

            Under the organization of Vuyo Makalima (CIEE Resident Assistant), the 4th floor residents at Rondebosch Court – CIEE Cape Town Campus raised money to purchase needed supplies for Sarah Fox Children’s Home.  We bought a ton of necessities including diapers, formula, wipes, toiletries and cleaning supplies, per their wish list.  In addition to providing financial donations, we wanted to provide some love and snuggles to the beautiful children at the home.  On Saturday, we got a brief introduction to the home and then were able to play with all of the babies and young children in the ward.  We even helped the nurses to feed the little babies and toddlers and put them down for naps.  Watching their faces light up as we danced, sang and played made the experience incredibly humbling.  Some of us even stayed later to spend time with the staff and patients.  Although the individual stories were often upsetting and putting the babies back in their cribs was heart wrenching, the amazing smiles and cuddles will continue to bring many of us back to Sarah Fox on a weekly basis.      

*Not her real name.


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