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If Only I Knew What to Say...

A Poem by Reabetswe Modise

Student, RA, project manager and young, non-doctoring person

Like a celebrity, often spoken about,
difficult to catch, his name carrying clout
Dr Nasief’s fame
inside and outside of Victoria Hospital
is evident by how many know his name

I met him and was immediately sucked in –
into his enthusiasm, his many plans
a project sold to me using his cheeky grin

I walked into his office without a plan -
and walked out, excited, a tad overwhelmed and a project manager…
oh damn 

I’m not going to lie, at times I felt our actions were futile
a lot of “sorry we cannot find that file”

But I came to realise that there was more – even though it sometimes felt like a chore
our work (sistah Isabelle and i) was not the kind to be visibly seen:
but rather the kind to make a few notice that we had been

Data capturing, printing, “postering” and planning
(in all honesty done by Isabelle – who has cast many a spell)

The pay-off of which I really experienced today,
when I almost had tears to keep at bay

I spoke to four people about our cardiac rehab programme
nervous as heck because I thought, “really fam?!
who is going to listen to 21 year old me?
I am unqualified, can’t y’all see?”

But my fear was unfounded I came to experience
the men and woman I spoke to just wanted me to hear their experience

Today was filled with all the clichéd things I could think to say –
“rewarding, eye-opening, amazing the like”

But Really no words can be fully expressed
to say how I felt #blessed



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